About Us

Pakistan Translation Services is among the oldest and most reputable translation services of Pakistan that has been working with national and international organisations for over a decade. Regular clients of Pakistan Translation Services include leading national and international press release services, media organisations, nongovernmental and intergovernmental organisations, and corporate sector enterprises.

Pakistan Translation Services’ professional in house translation service is organized on the pattern of the news desk of news organizations, to ensure prompt and accurate translation of releases into Urdu, Punjabi, Pashto, Sindhi and Baluchi.

Policy Statement

The nature of our business:

1. We are a translation services provider offering a wide range of competitively priced translation services, the quality of which meet or exceed industry standards.

2. The technical expertise and extensive experience of our team allows us to run an efficient and highly flexible operation.

The quality of our service:

We utilize the services of only highly qualified translators with expertise in both the target and source language of translation. To further guarantee the quality of our service, we try to use only native language speakers in relation to the target language particular of any individual translation project.

Our commitments:

1. Our highest priority is to meet the expectations of our clients, both in terms of the quality of translation and the service they receive from our sales and operations team.

2. We strive to ensure that in the multi-lingual and global economy of today, our clients receive a standard of translation service which will contribute to their competitiveness and commercial and personal success..

4. We actively strive to ensure that our translations recognize the cultural, social and political sensibilities of their intended audience.

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